Please Don’t Do This

Please don’t do this. This is a dick move. If you need me to explain why in detail, I’ll send you my hourly rates…
Dick Move

Unfortunately the company in question had a mealy-mouthed values-based response, including:

“Issues related to that message have been handled internally. The message sent does not align with our core values of personal growth and diversity.”

This kind of corporate-speak damage control that makes employees everywhere roll their eyes every time CEO’s start talking “values”, “vision”, and “mission”.

Try harder next time. Maybe say something authentic and meaningful.


Should Leaders Be Nice or Not?

Interesting article on “Academic Assholes” that got me thinking.

I have to admit that I have less and less patience for working with people that are jerks. That may give the appearance of greater intelligence and competence, but they’re usually not. There are lots of great business (and academic) leaders out there who are “nice” and successful. You just don’t get to hear about them because they’re also not narcissistic or histrionic (i.e. they don’t sell books or newspapers).

Not Enough Competent Women Leaders? No . . .

maybe just to many incompetent men.