One-On-One Hourly Rate: $125

First hour consultation no charge

  • public speaking, presentation, and pitch-deck assessment and feedback
  • business plan development, review, and red-teaming
  • coaching-the-coach, feedback, and delegation training
  • individual assessment and development
  • team assessment and development
  • one-on-one business and leadership coaching


Speaker Fees: $200 for 20 minutes

Available as a breakfast, lunch, and keynote speaker

  • “The Best Do the Basics Better” – the simple things the best leaders and teams do well, and the things they avoid that don’t make a difference
  • “When New Leaders Fail” – promotion or new position? Here’s what to avoid (and what to do instead) to give them (or yourself) the best chance of success
  • “Basic Listening” – a master skill that will impact your leadership effectiveness no matter what your seniority or position . . . what does (and doesn’t) deepen trust, raise the conversation, and strengthen commitment (and when to stop listening and act)
  • Special topics by request (e.g. coaching, delegation, feedback, building trust)


Workshops: $1000 for half-day

Or $100 for each participant, whichever is more

  • Basic Listening Workshop – Listening effectively is the basis for many management and leadership practices, including coaching, delegation, feedback, and relationship/trust-building. Paying attention is just the start.  A fun, role-playing, improv-based workshop that deepens a master skill.
  • Coaching Your Team – When things go wrong, it’s already too late. Coaching is the basis for building teams and teamwork, yet so many of us avoid this high return-on-investment of our time until we have to or we’re forced to. What works, what doesn’t, and how to do it effectively (with practice time).