Why You Shouldn’t Be the Boss

Not everybody should be theĀ  boss.

Being a good welder does not mean you will be a good manager or leader of welders. Knowing something about welding (or software development, or accounting) will help you understand the jargon and contribute positively to solving problem or improving processes. It also helps to have credibility with those you’re leading.

Being good at your job means you will be a good manager of people doing your job. That’s because being a good welder and being a good foreman (supervisor, manager, or executive) are two different skills. One melts metal to build things, the other uses people to work together to melt metal to build things.

When you got promoted the tools changed. The tools change every time you get promoted. Your “tools” are now people. Except people don’t like being called “tools” (or “resources” for that matter). Now you have to learn to work with people (and get people to work together) to get things done.

If you don’t like people or working through people you probably shouldn’t be the boss.