The Benefit of Speaking Up

If you’re not convinced to speak up because of the harm staying quiet creates, then consider the value of your voice: it is an act of love:

The Cost of Not Saying Anything

As a leader, no matter what your position, you need to find a way to speak up when needed. There is a huge cost to not speaking up:


Overcoming Speakers’ Anxiety

10 great tips for overcoming the natural anxiety that comes from speaking in front of others.

Three Keys to Getting Along

Consider awareness, amiability, and acceptance in terms of being persuasive and influential, as told by a former FBI counter-intelligence officer and interrogator.

How to Discover the Right Actions

One of my biggest challenges as a business coach is to get people to change their behaviours, that drives change inside their own business. Ironic, eh? Often the barrier is actually taking the time to critically think deeply about what behaviours would drive the most change.

This article from Kristy Hull on “Getting to the Critical Few Behaviors That Can Drive Cultural Change” reminded me of the “5 Whys” exercise. I think I’ll use it today.

“Why?”, you ask. Well, let me tell you…

Using Influence You Don’t Have

Can’t get traction on the changes that need to happen? Consider finding and using the informal leaders in your company.

Embrace the Suck, Find the Gold

In my region of the world, and in my adopted city, things aren’t good for many companies. It’s been a struggle for a few years.
I like to ask “What’s the opportunity in this grind?” But Brandon Webb say it better: “Embrace the Suck“, and find the gold in the muck.

Which Is More Important – Intelligence or Critical Thinking?

Recent article suggests that raw IQ may not be as important to desirable, real-world outcomes as critical thinking skills, and further goes on to imply that you can learn, practice, and improve those skills.

Also known as “why smart people make stupid decisions”.

What are your best critical thinking skills?

Three Advantages of Being “Phone Prone”

Get a text? Call them. Get an email? Call them back? Carrier pigeon ready to go out? Call them instead.

There are three advantages to talking versus using technology:

a. You make contact with people and build relationships
b. You hear the context in the tone of their voice
c. You solve problems much more quickly

So the next time you get an e-mail, respond with “Call Me” instead of replying

Start With a Cappuccino

I believe that big changes starts with small behaviours. Actual work, however seemingly insignificant, makes a huge difference over time. I also recognize (mostly from my behaviour) that getting started and keeping started is often the hardest part.

Terry Crews, a former NFL linebacker and now television personality. He talks about  how he used to “just go to the gym, even if it’s just to hang out and have a cappuccino.” He knew you can’t work out if you’re not there, and you won’t go there if you don’t enjoy yourself. So he went, every day, even if it was just to open his locker.

I think the lesson here is to deliberate choose a goal (play guitar, go to the gym, better dental hygiene, be a better leader, increase sales, grow a business), figure out the one minimal thing you need to do to get better at it, and do that one thing every day.