Expectation Communication

Clear expectations simply communicated. I like it.


Simplicity Made Simple

Successful businesses have focus, discipline, and speed. Speed comes from simplicity. Don’t forget your staff & employees when you’re making things simple.

No Points for Difficulty

I had to ask one of my clients once why they wanted a particular solution to a staffing problem we’d been trying to resolve to be hard. They told me that the conclusion they’d come to and the plan they’d created seemed too easy. I actually kind of got a little irritated with them. They’re high-performers, and very competitive, but making things easy for themselves seemed to feel like cheating to them.

I wished I’d had this analogy at hand at the time: Business is not like Olympic diving. There are no points for difficulty. Keeping things simple and focused is what drives growth. Making things arduous or complicated might satisfy our need to solve hard problems, but it doesn’t grow our business.