Top Five Resources for Practical Managers

Serious about improving your leadership and management skills? Here are some very basic, available now, actionable resources for you to get started (or keep going)

5. Getting Things Done – answering the first question every executive or executive wanna-be needs to answer: how do *I* control my own time? How do I manage myself so that I can credibly manage others, and get the most important things done?

4. The Effective Executive – the classic book by Peter Drucker, answering the second and third questions every executive can answer: what is my contribution to the results of the company, and how do I develop my people?

Manager Tools3. Manager Tools / Career Tools – the ultimate career and management podcasts. In business for over five years and going strong. Actionable, entertaining, smart.

2. Business Growth Tips – 30 seconds to business enlightenment. ┬áThe weekly business tip going out to over 50,000 subscribers world-wide.


1. This blog – Find something from this list, no matter how big or small, to implement every week.