Dear Santa: What Junior Leaders Want for Christmas

From Dan McCarthy at the Great Leadership Blog – made me laugh out loud!

Dear Company Leadership, I have been a good manager . . .

Your Personal Board of Directors

There’s a current article that tells you to forget mentors, and instead employ a personal board of directors.

It’s good advice, but mentors still have their place.

What the HBR article describes is a high-octane version of networking. Which is great. Having a network of experienced and knowledgeable relationships invested in your success is a good thing, and something every successful project manager or executive will intentionally cultivate.

The reality is that mentors are hard to find. In this increasingly connected world, the time needed to develop and maintain personal relationships seems to slipping away from us. We’re so afraid of missing out something, somewhere, that we try to do everything. That just leaves us dazed and exhausted.

Yet the value of one-on-one mentor-ship is enormous. For both the mentor and the protégé. Try is some time and see what happens. If you’re the protégé it’s like having a career champion. If you’re the mentor you’ve established a valuable, life-long relationship. Talented people will be striving to work with you because you develop your people. It’s win/win.

So keep an eye out, either for that experienced, knowledgeable, and caring mentor to take you under her wing, or for that bright, energetic rising star that can really contribute to your success in the long run.

Mentoring is dead, long live mentoring!