The Real Question You Should Be Asking When Networking

I have the privilege of working with some amazing people, and being able to help Tiffany with her business model and turning her business of helping other people through writing into something that will support her and her family this past month has been a delight.

She’s off to Australia next month to attend a workshop that is a requirement for her Master’s degree, that will open other doors for her (fingers crossed). I suggested to her that this was also an amazing opportunity to build her professional network.

I could tell that the “networking” word maybe wasn’t the right one to use, so instead, I told her “think of it as making friends.” Be interested in what they’re doing, let them get to know you, and figure out how to help them.

And that’s the key – how can you help them? It might be as simple as going to their events, inviting them to help you on your gigs, making introductions, proof-reading their writing. You know, actually showing up for someone besides just liking them on Facebook.

You might give some thought to answering the question “What help do you need?” if someone happens to ask. But that shouldn’t be the point of networking. The intention is to help others.

So go out there and make friends, and be on the look-out always about what you can show up for them.

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