Three Advantages of Being “Phone Prone”

Get a text? Call them. Get an email? Call them back? Carrier pigeon ready to go out? Call them instead.

There are three advantages to talking versus using technology:

a. You make contact with people and build relationships
b. You hear the context in the tone of their voice
c. You solve problems much more quickly

So the next time you get an e-mail, respond with “Call Me” instead of replying

2 thoughts on “Three Advantages of Being “Phone Prone”

  1. This one hit me in the gut… maybe it’s my age group (<30) but I have a tough relationship with my work phone. I'll direct communication through email almost every time I can. My excuse is that my work requires coordinating and evaluating the competitive bid process so I have to ensure communication comes through the proper channels and is logged… let's go with that!


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