Work Life Balance is a Myth

I don’t think this is news: trying to balance work and life in some sort of fair, even, or “balanced” way. It’s like trying to divide the Solomon’s baby. So if you’re still trying to divide your time between home, life, children, self, etc. etc. then stop it.

Here’s what I suggest doing instead: figure out what you really want from your life. What are you good at, or where the opportunities are, or who you want to work with, or how to make a butt-load of money so you can retire early if that’s what you want. Then start working towards that.

This is easier and harder than it sounds, but the important part is to give yourself time to think, evaluate, and adjust. On a regular basis. It doesn’t matter if your no technology / no interruption time is 10 minutes every morning with a cup of tea, or once a year over a glass of Scotch.

When I was a kid on my first ten-speed, I was so fascinated by how the gear changes worked that I ran into the back of a car. I ran into it so hard the trunk popped open and I landed inside it. So pull your head up every once in a while to make sure you’re still headed where you want to go. Or at least there aren’t any parked cars in the way.

Then peddle like hell, if that’s what gonna get you to where you’re going.

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