Your Competence Means Nothing

Truths About Leadership Nobody Wants to Hear Part 4

John Spence talks about how lack of focus hurts companies. It’s true, and not just for companies. It’s also true for leaders of companies, leaders within companies, and individual contributors in companies.

To be clear: individual competence and credibility is necessary. But it’s not sufficient to “just” be competent in order to be anything more than a good manager.

And if you want to be a leader, you can’t just pull a vision/focus out of your hat. That’s backwards. Have a vision, then hire or build your team for that…

The Hard Work

Think deeply, honestly, and without reservation about your real strengths, weaknesses, assumptions, and goals. Be willing to commit to what you want, and be willing to change as necessary when confronted with real evidence.

Truths About Leadership Nobody Wants To Hear Part 3: People Don’t Listen to What You Say

With a nod to James Clear, “6 Truths About Exercise Nobody Wants to Believe” for the inspiration

3 thoughts on “Your Competence Means Nothing

  1. Does competence mean nothing if it’s necessary? I think a better way is to understand that gains in competence result in quickly diminishing returns, unless you become one of the few on top of your field.


    1. Competence is necessary but not sufficient. If someone wants to be a technical expert, solid manager, or even a competent individual contributor, those are all good things. And to really have an impact on the world, if that’s what you want to do, I believe you need the vision and the courage to share that vision.


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