How to Lose a Country

I’m an advocate for preparation. Preparing for the day, the next meeting, a job interview (candidate or interviewer), etc. I’m not always as good as taking the time to prepare for things as I like, but I’ve never lost a country because of it:

The Poster Child for the Importance of Q&A Preparation

Checkpoint Charlie the day the wall fell, because a spokesman mis-spoke

So, if you’re running from meeting to meeting without any time to do your “real work”, let alone being ready for the meeting and knowing what you want to get out of it before you get there; if you spend your days responding to emails and crises and go home at night wondering where your day went; if you habitually work long hours, evenings and weekends, trying to catch up; perhaps you need to slow down and think about how to get back control of your day.

Before you give away the store (or the company, or your country).

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