The Beauty of Our Humanity – Ten Things I Know to Be True #11

When I came to New York city, and saw the iconic skyline, I made the off-handed remark that it didn’t seem to me to be any bigger than my hometown downtown of Calgary.
Since then I’ve learned how wrong I was.We’ve spend five days exploring Manhattan Island, and we haven’t made it past Midtown yet. New York isn’t a city, it’s a collection of cities, all jammed up against each other. And then last night we popped out for the subway down the street from *the* most famous jazz club in the world, the Blue Note. And I had the privilege of watching three musicians who made me literally cry for joy.
Tonight I learned that we human beings connect with more than words or noise. I watch three people connect on  a level so deep and profounditseemedtometo be a religious experience. They used music but also sight, being seen, body language, and facial expressions. They used trust, experience, and focus to create something transcendent. They expressed joy, friendship, and love with every movement, glance, and smile.

I understood why “evolution” seems such a weak word. A coughing, sickly word without energy or mass, without the emotional weight needed to inspire. That such a deep connection, unity, intimacy,  “couldn’t” (but did) happen by natural selection. That we have no sense of the deep time, age, scope, and scale of the universe, nor do we realize the rarity and beauty of our place in it.

This misunderstanding is our arrogance on display. The expression of connection and intimacy I witnessed last night, that is our beauty.

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