Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Many successful people fear being discovered as an imposter. So when you feel like you don’t know what you’re doing, you’re in good company!

body languageOne bit of self-help that really helps is the idea of “embodied cognition”, or how our posture and body affect our emotions as well as the reverse. Think of putting your hands on your hips, or flying like a superhero or the winner’s pose on a podium, literally, before a high-stakes social evaluation like a job interview, presentation, or speech.

body language

It makes you feel more confident, therefore you project confidence, and people will find you more credible, likeable, etc. Sound weird? Try it out after watching the TED talk on how body language shapes who you are, or read the Harvard study.

And remember, you’re good. Otherwise you wouldn’t be there.


*Thanks to Jack Malcolm at Practical Eloquence for reminding me of this phenom.

Bernie works with small, medium (and sometimes) large companies, start-ups, and volunteer organizations to help them set a vision that is executable, to be effective, and to surround themselves with people who will help them succeed. I believe the workplace is a place to thrive, not just survive. Call me if you want help transforming your business. 

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