We All Get a Turn – Ten Things I Know To Be True #3

In times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these. ~ Paul Harvey

When things are crappy, and I’m confused, scared, alone, or lonely – when I’m being laughed at and not with – I need to remember that it doesn’t last. That there are people that love me and trust me.

There is value not only in my contribution but in my existence. There will always be somebody to hold me and wipe my tears. And even if there isn’t (and there have been times in my life when there wasn’t or it didn’t feel like there was), this too will pass.

I will remember that it happens to everybody at some point. We all need somebody to reassure us,  just be with us without judgement. To accept who we are at that moment just the way we are.

Just as there will be times when I get to embrace those I love, and wipe their tears, and just hold space for them without needing to make them feel better, or cajole them, or fix things, or fill the awful awful silence with words. Just love them and be loved.

And when things are good, and I am full of joy, and happy, I will embrace the moment. Because it won’t last either. There’ll be other moments, of course, but soon it’ll be somebody else’s turn. I’ll cherish the moment I had, and I’ll be happy for others when it’s their turn.

Because we all get a turn.

Corollary: Thereare few decisions that are irreversible, and few events that are irrecoverable.

Part of my Ten Things I Know To Be True series.

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