Will You Be Successful?

There’s a little game I play with myself when I have a new client. I try to guess if a client is going to have a successful engagement with me or not. I can usually tell after the first week (I see my clients once a week, kind of like a leadership therapist.)

The first sign is if they do they things they say they’re going to do. Did they do the reading, complete the survey, do their homework despite the business of their day-to-day in the business challenges.

The second sign is how they deal with it when somebody doesn’t deliver. Do they confront the performance issue (no matter how trivial it might seem), or do they talk around it?

When leaders are willing to confront uncomfortable situations. False harmony suffocates execution. Healthy, passionate conflict brings clarity, fees engagement, drives momentum.

Do you avoid facing certain conversations because they’re personally uncomfortable, or do you face what needs to be faced even at the risk of being wrong. Is it safe to tell you bad news? Can you handle the truth? Are you willing to be wrong and know about it quickly?

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