More “Must Read” Leadership Books

My list of leadership books I recommend is actually less than a dozen. But even that’s too much to throw at somebody all at once. So I’ve parceled them out four at a time. My first set of recommendations  are here: Four “Must Read” Leadership Books.

My hope is that you’ll find something in these books that is simple, actionable, and reasonable. Trying to make a whole bunch of changes at once, whether it’s in our personal lives or in an organization we lead, usually doesn’t work out very well. Our plans collapse under their own weight.T

There is momentum, progress, and sense of accomplishment – even joy – in building up supporting competencies. It’s like compound interest: the more you have the more you get. My suggestion would be to pick one this to get good at and get really good at it. Then pick the next thing and work on that. This approach will give the best chance of success.

And here are some books that will give you ideas for being a better leader:

You don’t have to be a surgeon or a pilot to benefit from thinking about how to get things right in pressure or critical situations. Or even routine operations. An easy read, well written, though provoking.

Bernie works with small, medium (and sometimes) large companies, start-ups, and volunteer organizations to help them set a vision that is executable, effective, and to surround themselves with people who will help them succeed. I believe the workplace is a place to thrive, not just survive. Call me if you want help transforming your business.

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