Why Delegating Work to Your Staff Is Good For Them

I believe delegation saves leaders and their organization time & money in the long run. But what about the poor, put-upon, over-worked, under-paid employee? Well, turns out it’s good for them too.

I’m assuming of course that your staff wants to get better. That they want to gain mastery of their skills so they can come to work every day and do their best. That they want the autonomy that comes with being trusted and having a good track record. That they are mostly willing to prove themselves and have the evidence that they are trust-worthy, dependable, valuable to the company. They may even want to prove they are ready to be promoted.

Otherwise we need to have a different conversation about hiring the right people.

This is what good delegation does. It’s not about getting the tasks you don’t like doing off your desk. Although there is something to be said for finding somebody that enjoys and does well those things that you don’t. If we’re honest, we can’t be good at everything. It’s important we focus on the things we are good at.

It teaches them to prioritize their work, plan their day, and make them more effective. But what of the work that doesn’t get done? Some things might get delegated “to the floor”. Bonus points if they stop doing low or no-value activities because they’re busier with high-value (to the company) work.

This is part of your role. To help your people work out what they need to delegate to their own staff (if they have any), or not do it at all. If and you and your team are not getting the most important things done first, then you probably aren’t getting the most important things done.

Wouldn’t you rather get the least important things not done? I can hear the screams: “No Bernie! We have to get everything done!” Well, that’s not going to happen. So let’s deal with reality instead.

Question for the Comments: What’s your worst or best experience being delegated to?

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Bernie works as a leadership and business coach, consultant, and facilitator. He believes there are simple things outstanding leaders do well, and that not to do anything about bad leadership once you know about it is abuse. Check out what he does with RESULTS.com

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