Why You Should Hire a 23-Year-Old to Run Your Social Media

The Design4Change folks I’ve had the privilege of working with this summer got a bee up their nose last week, and rightly so. Being a bunch of hard-work, smart, passionate twenty-somethings they took umbrage at reading an article that argued new graduates were not to be trusted with your company’s band.

They disagreed, and eloquently make their case here: Why You Should Hire a 23-Year-Old to Run Your Social Media.

I can only repeat what they already said: It comes down to hiring the right people.

If you have the right strategy – you’ve put the time and effort into thinking about and planning where you want to take your company and how to get there, and you have the right leadership – you spend the time and effort making sure the right people are doing the right things to get you there – then the age of the person doing the job doesn’t matter.

If you don’t take the time and effort to set strategy and provide leadership you might be very busy doing the wrong things. Then it doesn’t matter who you hire for any position because they’ll be doing the wrong things. Hiring on the basis of age (or ethnicity, or religion, or political belief, or gender, or sexual orientation, etc.), for me, is stupid and another example of lazy thinking.

Question for the Comments:
Who’s the youngest, sharpest person you have working for you? What are you doing to make sure they have what they need to do their best everyday at work, and keep learning and growing?

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Bernie works as a leadership and business coach, consultant, and facilitator. He believes there are simple things outstanding leaders do well, and that not to do anything about bad leadership once you know about it is abuse. Check out what he does with RESULTS.com

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