What Do You Want To Be the Leader Of?

Why do you really want to be the boss?

Think about all the great and the not-so-good people you’ve worked with. Think about what made the good ones good, and the not-so-good ones not- so-good. You probably won’t stray too far from doing an OK job of being a boss if you keep the example of the good bosses in mind as you go through your day.

Now remember the *best* boss you ever had the privilege to work for (and maybe still do). They probably make you want to be a better person in some way. What drove them to excel, and to lead others to excel? What was the passion that gave them the energy and the drive they needed to keeping pushing forward?

What is your passion? What’s your life’s purpose? What do you want to do before you die. More importantly, why? Beyond making money, why are you working?

If you’re not realizing your passion in your current role, then why are you there?

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