Take Care of Yourself First

One of the things I learned as a Scout leader, and taught other Scout leaders as a trainer, was you need to take care of yourself first. Giving back to the community and developing character in young men and women does little good if your own health, marriage, and sanity suffer for it. Even more fundamentally it means we can’t help others if we are hurt are suffering either physically, mentally, or emotionally.

But the thing this HBR article about “Take Care of Yourself First” reminded me of the performance reviews inflicted on us there once a year at my former salaried job. Once a year, if HR had their act together and you actually got a performance review, and you chose your peers carefully enough that you weren’t sabotaged by a well-meaning but naive trust in the party line that feedback from all your peers¬† was a “good” thing.

Even though I went into one such review cycle with this open and learning attitude, my boss accused me of sand-bagging. He accused me of only choosing peers to give me feedback that would give me positive feedback. One of my friends chose a peers that would give her feedback that she knew might not be entirely positive, but she really wanted to learn. It affected her pay that year. Which is not how 360 reviews are supposed to work.  No matter how pure our own intent, other people do not always have our best interests at heart.

We are not only judged just on our performance. Watch your back. Deliver, and realize that performance is not the only thing you judged by.

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