New Media Case Study: How to Win An Election

If you have an e-media savvy mayoral candidate who continually calls upon the other two leading candidates to face him in a debate, and they refuse to do so, one of his minions will stitch together a debate from publicly available, creative commons, or fair-use video &  audio clips, publish it on YouTube, post it on BoingBoing, and it will go viral on Twitter and Facebook.

And no, you won’t look good.

Lesson: Engage on your own terms, or be engaged on somebody else’s

2 thoughts on “New Media Case Study: How to Win An Election

  1. Interesting and pertinent given the results of the current election of the new mayor in Calgary with his “Purple Army”. But I have been using Blogs, Twitter and LinkedIn for a while to draw attention gadgets related to hands free communications for offices and contact centres, and while I can measure some increase in the number of people contacting us, I would not describe it as having gone “viral”. Yes I know that “soft issues” (like mentoring) may be of more general interest, I would have expected more hits and comments on my blog than I am getting. Any suggestions on how I can “spice it up”?


  2. Hi Stuart,

    This is a topic I’ve been struggling with myself. The short, pulled out of my hat, non-marketing expert response, without analyzing what you’re doing now would be:
    * ask questions
    * listen
    * provide value
    Of course you don’t need Twitter, blogs, or Facebook to do any of those things.
    I’ve got an HBR article queued up for Friday titled: “Why Marketing is Useless, and How to Fix It”, which explores some of those themes in much more detail.
    — B


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