Embrace Failure, Reject Fear

My friend and former co-worker over at White Noise is also a comic improviser and all-round amusing fellow. He’s come up with a list of improv rules that also, surprise surprise, apply to life (and business).

  1. Accept all ideas
  2. Make your partners look like geniuses
  3. Focus on the here and now – be in the moment
  4. Just listen and react to what was said or done
  5. You have to understand why you’re playing the game
  6. Just decide and do something
  7. Embrace failure, reject fear
  8. When in doubt, have fun

p.s. If you want to see Karl (and me) in action, check out our Hoser Tribute on YouTube.

2 thoughts on “Embrace Failure, Reject Fear

  1. Somehow I had a feeling you would be mentioning this series of blog posts sooner or later. I was thinking about your blog when I wrote it too. Thanks for the plug, dude.


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