Decision Making – It’s the Process Stupid

Why is process so important to making decisions? Good decision-making process includes exploring uncertainty, including contradictory viewpoints, giving more weight to skill and experience instead of rank.

Bad process doesn’t allow good analysis to be heard.

Good process uncovers bad analysis.

One thought on “Decision Making – It’s the Process Stupid

  1. The only thing I would add is that process is a framework and when it is coupled with skill, knowledge and experience it allows for sound and well reasoned decisions, and other works. As Capers Jones put it:

    “Without excellent personnel, even good to excellent processes can only achieve marginal results.”

    Too many people miss this crucial connection and we see literally millions of dollars spent on process improvement initiatives, while skills training remains chaotic.

    Likewise a lack of skill can stymie the implementation of advanced processes such as Agile.


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