Focusing on Top Performers Improves Entire Company

The biggest response to a blog posting I’ve gotten so far was to my article on how I ignored the troublesome kids in my Scout troop and focused on the strong ones. Commentators accused me of abandoning them, and taking the easy way out. I can see that point, but in the end it helped out the entire troop.

Focusing on strengths, whether it’s personally, corporately, strategically (ten years and beyond), tactically (day-to-day), or the strengths of the people who report to us and look to us for leadership is much more productive and effective than trying to fix so-called weaknesses.

Here’s another example of how focusing on strengths, and learning from those in our organization who do things really, really well can benefit everybody. Including those on the bottom of the performance evaluation. Oh, and keep it simple. Over-thinking is not a strength.

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