Always Carry Business Cards

My love and I (we’ve been married 26 years) were on our way to the foothills with the trailer last October for last camping trip of the year. It’s become an annual ritual were we get some time together, quietly camping off the grid and away from civilization. I thought about packing my business cards, but figured there was no way I’d need them tramping around the woods. Who was I going to give them to, a deer?

We stopped at Tim Horten’s for a coffee and a bowl of chili, and guess what? Yep, there was a former colleague of mine on his way out the door, heading the opposite direction to his last golf tournament of the year.

Neither of us had business cards. We had a quick verbal exchange, but I haven’t been able to find him again since.

So Ed, if you’re out there, drop me a line. Or if you know Ed Ryan, and how to get a hold of him, tell him to call me please. I’d love to catch up.


One thought on “Always Carry Business Cards

  1. Agonizingly true! The other day I read an anecdote about a Japanese business men, who while vactioning at a beach struck a business conversation with an American. As luck would have it the American was looking for a supplier and the Jap was it. The yank promised to get back to him, and guess what before he left the beach at the resort, the Jap handed him over a water-proof business card, which he was carrying in a custom pocket of his swimwear, though I am not sure if there was a ‘custom pockte’ or was it struck some dark space in his swimwear masquerading as a pocket. Nevertheless the yank gladly accepted the card, the rest is not hard to fathom…

    Business cards are so improtant, and yes I have felt stranded, much like you did after meeting Ed…keep looking!


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