How Job Interviews Began

Much like Churchill’s observation about democracy, job interviews are the worst system for selecting talent ever devised – except for all others.


One thought on “How Job Interviews Began

  1. Very funny.
    Here’s one that annoys me. Employers that fail to communicate. I’ve worked for people who don’t ever compliment or critize my performance, so I assume everything is okay, then there’s a sense of betrayl come review time when things 6 months ago are brought up. I can’t fix it 6 months later, but I can in the moment.

    Also, making promises they don’t keep. Don’t promise me benefits at the interview then tell me when I’m in the door that you don’t have a provider yet and you’re “working on it”. The last two places I worked promised benefits for training, examinations and medical, and they never materialized. If it’s something you’re planning on offering, say so. I can’t consider your offer of employment if half of it is intentions. (Your intentions don’t pay my visa).

    I wish employers would be brutally honest about compensation schemes and benfits instead of fuzzing it up. I may decide to come work for you even if you don’t offer health and dental, but I need to work that into my budget, your offer may be overall better, but if you promise and don’t deliver, what type of precedent does that set for me as an employee when you’ve lied to me out of the gate?


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