Book Review: Emotional Intelligence 2.0


“If IQ was the biggest social construct of the 20th century, it’s likely self-regulation will be the biggest construct of the 21st” – Dr. Stuart Shanker, Distinguished Research Professor of Philosophy and Psychology, York University

Why should managers care about emotional intelligence? It will help you improve your execution the two most important functions of management: achieving results, and developing your people. Being better at understanding and managing your own emotions, and being better at understanding other’s emotions and managing those relationships, will help you do both. You’ll be better focused, you’ll be able to communicate better, and you and your team will do more.

IQ is the ability to learn new things and is consistent across a person’s lifetime. You can learn more (or not), but you can’t change how smart you are. EQ (emotional intelligence) is a skill which can be improved with focused practise and feedback. This book will help you understand how to do that, and give you concrete, actionable steps to do just that.

Emotional Intelligence 2.0 starts by explaining EQ and why it’s important. Those with EQ and how others perceive them are contrasted against those without, with real-world example and an explanation the consequences. Then it provides an on-line test to check your own EQ, and suggests specific skills, behaviours, and actions to practise. You can take a second test six months later to see how much you’ve improved and get recommendations of the next set of skills to work on.

I recommend this book to anybody that works with other people. Those of you that work with just trees, carry on!


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