Sending Your Strategy Over a Waterfall

medium_7172918214Having a strategy and having to do it all yourself is not the point.

Unleashing Your Own Productivity

Unleash.pngTime lost is never found again” – making the best use of your time also means matching your time to the task

Uncommon questions, better results

medium_5065834411 (1)Sometimes the hardest part of leading an organization is getting the right information. Sometimes asking better questions can help.

Are you making things happen, or wondering what happened?

“There are three kinds of companies – those who make things happen, those who watch things happen, and those who wonder what happened.” (Conrad Hilton)

Which one is your company? 

When Your Loyal Customers Grow Up

How do you balance keeping focused on what you’re good at, when your most loyal customers are changing?



Will That Acquisition Work?

Coin Toss.jpgThree criteria for evaluating that acquisition you’ve been thinking about, so you don’t lose your shirt (or sanity).

Discipline aka Grit aka the Opposite of Regret

Stephen Lynch once told me that “You can run your company with discipline, or you can run it with regret.” Whether you call is discipline or grit or perseverance, the ability to keep going is the ability to make your own success.

The Secret of Successful People

Is Your Leadership Pipeline Leaking?

…or not even built yet? 

Unicorns and Aliens, Or Why Strategic Planning Fails

…and what to do about it

Persauding Clients and Customers

Scarcity is one way  – here’s how it and other’s laws of persuasion work: